Brandon, Kids to Love



Meet 10-year-old 5th grader, Brandon.  His favorite subject in school is math.


Brandon: “We’re doing multiplying and dividing fractions. It’s easy to do.”


Brandon and his older brother Scotty have been in foster care for about 5 years.   Though the boys have been moved between 3 homes and multiple schools, they have always been placed together.  Brandon says that's very important to him.


Brandon: “Because me and my brother, we like to have fun and play with each other a lot.”


When we asked Brandon what love meant to him, his definition was simple - and pure.


Brandon: “Hmm…somebody caring.”


For Brandon and his brother Scotty, That's ll they want and need - someone to care.  You can be the forever, caring family to help keep these two peas in a pod, together.


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