September 21-22, 2018

Regions Center 
Downtown Huntsville, AL
the #GiveorGo Challenge toolkit
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Toss Your Boss
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We are again taking our fundraising to new heights! Partnering with “Over the Edge”, we are rappelling 160 feet down the Regions Center in downtown Huntsville. Want to go over with us? Check out the Over the Edge highlight video above for inspiration!  With a commitment to contribute or raise $1,000, you can have this once-in-a-lifetime thrill and do something awesome that will impact thousands of youth living in foster care.  

September 21st • 4pm:  VIP Drop Party. Come out and cheer on your favorite VIP! 

September 22nd • 8am-2pm: The Saturday Over the Edge Huntsville event. Come out and cheer on your favorite rappeller!





Contribute or commit to raising a $1,000 by October 22nd and you can rappel down the side of the Regions Center. Set up a fundraising page and check out our Fundraising tool kit to help you be successful, but it's actually easier than you think.


Companies can sponsor a team of up to 4 rappellers for a commitment of $5,000. The company sets up a Team Fundraising page on our website and encourages their participants to raise money toward the goal. The Team Sponsor is only responsible for any remaining balance toward the goal.


Afraid of heights? Consider this. Facing your fears in our fun and safe environment.  Our kids are counting on YOU. 


Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Meredith Payne at Meredith@kidstolove.org or 256-880-3455 for more information on how your business can gain visibility to over 90 rappellers and nearly 1,000 donors in this event. 

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Fundraising Tool Kit  

Okay, despite the incredulous responses of family and friends, you’ve registered to go over the edge! You’re excited, you’ve circled the date on your calendar, you wish it was September. But wait. You also have to raise $1,000 (this IS a fundraiser supporting foster children.) And because you secure your rappelling spot only after you raise $1,000, it’s time to get started.

The number one reason people give money to ANY cause is because they are asked. For real. This is lesson #1 — you need to ask for donations. Lesson #2 is — the worst response you can get from someone you ask is “no.” You ask for a donation and someone says “no.” No big deal. Thank that person, say “have a great day” and move on. Because lesson #3 is — lots of people will say “yes.”

Four Steps to Successful Fundraising


  1. Learn about our mission. Read “About Us” . Call us for a tour. We love it when people  visit us. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and YouTube; and keep up with our activities. Once you understand our amazing mission and share it, you will discover that many people are happy to support children’s needs.

  2. Get EXCITED! When people observe your enthusiasm for our mission and witness your excitement for this amazing experience, you will inspire their support!

  3. Speak from the heart on your fundraising page. When you register for this event, you also create your fundraising page; be sure to tell people why you have taken on this challenge.

  4. Step Four – Outline a fundraising plan, starting with our resources below.

  • Sample Donor Breakdown

  • Personal donation (donors appreciate when you’re a donor, too ) – $50

  • Employer match of your gift – $50

  • 2 family members donate $100 each – $200

  • 5 family members donate $50 each – $250

  • 10 good friends donate $25 each – $250

  • 5 acquaintances donate $20 each – $100

  • 10 co-workers donate $10 each – $100

Add it up – you’ve raised – $1,000!


Use our Fundraising Worksheet to build your custom donor list. (You may have fewer family members but more friends; more classmates than co-workers. The point is, YOU have the contacts to raise $1,000.)


Be a Volunteer
Simply put, an event this size needs volunteer support! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in joining our Event Team. (NOTE – all volunteers must attend an informational meeting prior to July.)


Volunteer positions include:

  • Registration/Check-in

  • Information Booth

  • Rappel Escorts

  • Staging Area Escorts

  • Event Runner

  • Roof Captain

  • Rooftop Security

  • Landing Zone Supporter

  • Ropes Volunteer – we need Ropes Volunteers with prior experience in areas such as rope safety systems, rock climbing instruction, industrial rope access, rappel training, etc. This position requires mandatory training prior to the event.

Want to volunteer? Submit this form: