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Davidson Farms received its licensure from the State of Alabama and welcomed our first girl home in August 2017.  More girls moved in during November, and with the support of the Kids to Love team and our caring community our girls have experienced the safe haven we knew the Farm would become.

Each morning promises a new beginning as the sun rises over the 10,000 square-foot home set on 10 acres in Madison County.  The property was purchased thanks to a generous gift from Dr. Dorothy Davidson, and is named in her honor.  Dr. Davidson in turn named the house after Lee Marshall to celebrate Lee’s commitment to foster children.

Lee’s promise to the girls who call Davidson Farms “home” is to rescue them from a life of uncertainty and hopelessness. Statistics show girls who grow up in foster care end up on the streets, pregnant or victim to human trafficking.  Davidson Farms is creating a different future for them, filled with positive possibilities.

Davidson Farms has 8 bedrooms, and can accommodate up to 10 girls.

Kids to Love operates the home using private donations. While we are licensed by the State of Alabama, we do not accept state or federal funding.

We are meeting the needs of our girls by providing food, clothes and meeting other physical needs. But we believe to truly change their lives we must also meet their emotional and spiritual needs, sharing our faith so they can know and love God as He first loved us.

Kids to Love is building a village to support our girls through life's ups and downs. A team of house mentors provides care, guidance and stability for each girl who joins our family.

To continue caring for our girls and keeping them safe at the Farm, we need your help.  We gladly accept money to cover our costs, gift cards we can use for groceries, and prayers so we can meet each girl where she is, and help her grow into the person she can be.

If you would like more information on how to sponsor a girl, sponsor a room, or become a monthly donor, click on one of the links below.

Davidson Farms girl
Davidson Farms girl
We need Prayer Warriors to fervently pray for our girls, house parents, home and resources.
A $5 gift card to a grocery store helps us purchase fresh produce, milk and eggs to feed our girls.
A one-time or monthly sponsorship helps us meet the girls' needs.
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A Granddaughter honors her Grandmother's Memory in an Impactful Way at Davidson Farms. 

Sandra Skvorz was a champion of Davidson Farms when serving our girls was still just a vision. She found the perfect way to help our girls and honor her grandmother. Her grandmother, Jane M. Timperley,  had an adventurous and bold spirit.  Throughout her life, she had a heart for educating and helping young ladies. Her philanthropic nature has been passed on to Sandra. Find out what Sandra did to honor her grandmother and to carry the torch of helping young women have a brighter future.  

Parents Honor Daughter's Memory with Book Drive for Davidson Farms

The parents of Caitlyn Wiggins, an Auburn graduate who died tragically in a car accident, are creating a legacy for their daughter and her lifelong love of reading.

In Caitlyn's memory they collected more than 1,000 books for the library at Davidson Farms. Theirs is a touching story, that just might inspire you to honor someone you love in the name of making life better for others.

Our Service is Full Circle

My birth mom was 16 years old when she made two of the most important decisions of my life. The first was to give me life and the second was to give me a chance at a better life through adoption. She spent her pregnancy at the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home in Memphis, Tennessee. When God first  put the house in our path, I prayed. When God led us to the house literally, I prayed. He has clearly laid out the path for this house. Because He rescued me He has called me to rescue others. He is the vine, I'm just one of the many branches. To raise a child, it takes a community. I need your help to make Davidson Farms the reality of refuge, rescue & restoration for every girl we have the opportunity to bring home. 

Lee Marshall, Kids to Love Foundation Founder/CEO

Lee Marshall


Kids to Love Foundation

Davidson Farms Prayer Walk & Ribbon Cutting

May 21, 2016

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