A Home for Girls
  • Chocolate Chips

  • Crackers

  • Cereal

  • Pancake Syrup/Honey

  • Fruit (Canned, jarred)

  • Vegetables

  • Chips/Pretzels/Popcorn

  • Cookies/ Granola Bars

  • Coffee/ Tea

  • Sugar (Granulated, Confectioners, Brown)

  • Oil (Vegetable, Olive)

  • Pasta Sauce

  • Soup/ Broth

* Greatest need is for snack items (chips, pretzels, popcorn, granola bars)
* Please, no dry goods (pasta, rice, dry beans)
* Bulk/warehouse-sized cans not needed.




Kids to Love invites you to pledge to become a Promise Partner

Your gift will support the girls who call Davidson Farms home.

You wouldn’t equate foster care with a war zone, but the cruel reality is foster children struggle in the same way as soldiers who have experienced combat.  In fact, foster kids experience PTSD at almost two times the rate of returning veterans.  It manifests as nightmares, outbursts and a fight-or-flight attitude. (Source: Harvard Medical Schools, the University of Michigan and Casey Family Programs.)

The girls who live at Davidson Farms have survived trauma no one, particularly a child, should endure. As we welcome them into our family we promise them three things: Hope, to Heal, and a Home.  These words are more than a motto. They are a lifeline. We know our compassion and competency must mirror the depth of the girls’ needs.

So, Davidson Farms provides a premiere therapy called Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI).  TBRI counseling gives our girls the greatest chance of success to cope with and move beyond their traumatic past. TBRI principles are carried out through relationship, involving a “connection over correction” mentality.

It removes emphasis on consequences and punishments and focuses on what triggers the behavior. 

Most group homes nationwide focus on providing a bed and a shelter. Davidson Farms is focused on creating a family. 

TBRI care is not the only thing that sets Davidson Farms apart from other group homes.  It is, by design, the antithesis of an institutional group home.  Nestled on 10 acres in Madison County, the house itself embodies peace and beauty.

A generous gift from Dr. Dorothy Davidson allowed Kids to Love to purchase the property, which is named in her honor. Dr. Davidson reciprocated that gesture, and named the house after Lee Marshall to celebrate Lee’s commitment to foster children.

Davidson Farms received its licensure from the State of Alabama in August 2017.  While we are licensed by the state, we do not accept state or federal funding. Private donations allow us to meet the girls’ needs exactly when they need them.

The Farm is home to girls ages 10-19, and is currently at capacity. A team of house mentors provides care, guidance and stability for each girl who joins our family. 

You’re invited to join us on this meaningful journey to change lives.  A one-time or monthly sponsorship helps us meet the girls’ needs.  No donation is too small; a $5 gift or gift card helps us buy milk and fresh produce to feed the girls. And if you can’t give your money, we welcome your prayers.

A Granddaughter honors her Grandmother's Memory in an Impactful Way at Davidson Farms. 

Sandra Skvorz was a champion of Davidson Farms when serving our girls was still just a vision. She found the perfect way to help our girls and honor her grandmother. Her grandmother, Jane M. Timperley,  had an adventurous and bold spirit.  Throughout her life, she had a heart for educating and helping young ladies. Her philanthropic nature has been passed on to Sandra. Find out what Sandra did to honor her grandmother and to carry the torch of helping young women have a brighter future.  

Parents Honor Daughter's Memory with Book Drive for Davidson Farms

The parents of Caitlyn Wiggins, an Auburn graduate who died tragically in a car accident, are creating a legacy for their daughter and her lifelong love of reading.

In Caitlyn's memory they collected more than 1,000 books for the library at Davidson Farms. Theirs is a touching story, that just might inspire you to honor someone you love in the name of making life better for others.

Our Service is Full Circle

My birth mom was 16 years old when she made two of the most important decisions of my life. The first was to give me life and the second was to give me a chance at a better life through adoption. She spent her pregnancy at the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home in Memphis, Tennessee. When God first  put the house in our path, I prayed. When God led us to the house literally, I prayed. He has clearly laid out the path for this house. Because He rescued me He has called me to rescue others. He is the vine, I'm just one of the many branches. To raise a child, it takes a community. I need your help to make Davidson Farms the reality of refuge, rescue & restoration for every girl we have the opportunity to bring home. 

Lee Marshall


Kids to Love Foundation

Davidson Farms Prayer Walk & Ribbon Cutting

May 21, 2016

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