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Kids to Love Wardrobe Warehoue

Children in foster care don't have a lot to call their own, and the few possessions they do have are often dirty, old or hand-me-downs.


Kids to Love is changing that, one child at a time.


When a child is placed in foster care, foster parents can contact us for assistance through our Wardrobe Warehouse. We outfit foster children with brand new clothes, shoes and pajamas. We also offer comfort items such as stuffed animals, books or toys. Every item in our inventory is new because that's what we believe our children deserve.


To schedule an appointment to receive assistance at the Kids to Love Center, or if you have any questions, please contact Operations Director Tasha Jones at 256-880-3455.

Kids to Love Wardrobe Warehoue
Kids to Love Wardrobe Warehoue
Kids to Love Wardrobe Warehoue
  • DVDs

  • iPods/MP3 players

  • E-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc.)

  • Alarm clocks 

  • Lotion/Bath sets

  • Art supplies

  • Board games

  • Books 

  • Prepaid cell phones

  • Alabama/Auburn gear