The reality of foster care and the children who, by no fault of their own, find themselves thrust into systematic uncertainty — is not always warm and fuzzy. Amid success stories, happy endings and happy families exists a unique, pervasive and often overlooked set of challenges. Meeting the needs of foster children — from helping to find forever families to advocating for those aging out of the system — is no easy task. This is the rewarding yet daunting and sometimes heartbreaking mission The Kids to Love Foundation tackles head-on every day. Kids to Love endeavors to invest, educate and sustain for the immediate and longterm successes of our foster youth. We want to fundamentally change the sobering statistics, stereotypes, and proven outcomes which plague America’s foster population; the plight of these kids is our own.


At Kids to Love, we don’t just want you to foster a deserving child — we want you to foster revolt, rebellion and even uprising if that’s what it takes to bring about positive change. Foster Revolution is a weekly video blog web series designed to tell the whole truth about foster care — the good, bad and ugly — and to provide a forum of ideas, insight, advice and advocacy. The vision behind Foster Revolution is more than a movement — it’s a command, a battle cry and a call to action.


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