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KTECH is hands-on, interactive, one-on-one instruction connecting students to jobs. Today’s industry needs far outweigh the available applicant pool having technical skills required in the advanced manufacturing environment. Earn your certification and claim your career path in a matter of weeks, not years. Skip student debt, stop wasting time, start earning more, with KTECH.

Since its inception in 2016, KTECH has graduated 60 diverse students with a 100% completion rate, and given 128 certifications. 93% of graduates have passed the SIEMENS Certification, a globally recognized technical credential. KTECH is one of two schools in Alabama to qualify as a SIEMENS-certified facility. Mechatronics blends mechanical, electrical and computerized technologies for the manufacturing industries. KTECH meets the need of industry and students. KTECH's curriculum offers training in Mechatronics, Robotics, Soldering, and VR.


FOR INDUSTRY, it’s the increasing shortage of workers with essential technical training. 


FOR STUDENTS, it’s the need for success and higher earning potential. This course can either be an accelerated 16-week long course that puts students on the fast-track toward a career in industries such as advanced manufacturing, automotive, finance and healthcare.

KTECH delivers Siemens Certified Mechatronics systems assistant program providing training and credentialing in the foundational areas of safety, quality, manufacturing processes and maintenance. These students can expect potential high growth opportunities as well as Associate Degree wage earnings.

In 2020, KTECH expanded its workforce training footprint to train workers at one of north Alabama’s leading automotive manufacturers, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, INC.


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