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Karl Liggin

KTECH Instructor


Karl has worked at Kids to Love since January 2020. He joined the team to serve in dual roles as lab support and as a VR (Virtual Reality) curator. 

Karl has 10+ years of educational and technological experience. He is passionate about the future, and wants to prepare the young people who will guide it. That, coupled with his love for STEAM (Science,Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics), has made him a great fit for the KTECH team.

Karl was born in Los Angeles, CA and attended college at Barry University in Miami, FL. He has a Bachelor Arts in Music and a minor in mathematics. While studying, he also became experienced as a sound and lighting engineer.


Karl grew up in Huntsville and returned in 2011 and worked at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center as a Space Camp and Robotics trainer for students from across the world. He then joined the team at Huntsville STEAM works as their lead instructor.


Karl is an active leader of community events that bring people together through games and is an avid supporter of charities that support children in extended hospital stays through games such as Extra Life and Child’s Play.

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