This is an exciting time of year at Kids to Love - the time we call on our community to help us grant the wishes of 1,700 local children in foster care.  Kids to Love serves children in foster care across more than 20 counties in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. 1,700 is a hard number to digest. Our team of elves takes it one child at a time, and every child matters: Rhett, Everett, Rylee, Danny, Emily, Keaton, Paxton, Ja...

Friends of Kids to Love volunteer their time talent to get Davison Farms holiday ready

May 31, 2017

For years I was treading water toward my purpose.  It's a world I was born into and as soon as I realized I would own my past, then it couldn't own me.  

In 1998, I started working toward the goal of doing something more to help children in foster care.  It wasn’t until 2003 when I was challenged to not only FIND my mission boat, but to have the courage to GET IN THE BOAT!


I have always been rowing toward my goal.