Mike Murdock, KTECH Instructor

Mike Murdock

KTECH Instructor


Mike is a retired software entrepreneur, with a second career in technology education. He lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife Anne.


Mike’s technology experience started with his enrollment at Georgia Tech in 1974, as a Mechanical Engineering major. His participation in the cooperative education program gave him five quarters working in industry, at a roller bearing manufacturing plant in South Carolina.


Later, Mike’s infatuation with computers led him to switch his major to Information and Computer Science. His computer education stood him in good stead when his search for gainful employment took him to Huntsville, Alabama, to take a position at M & S Computing (now Intergraph), to work as a computer programmer.


The entrepreneurial spirit that pervades Huntsville inspired Mike and two of his friends to found Sirsi Corporation, a library automation company, in Huntsville in 1979. At Sirsi, Mike served as Chief Technical Officer, Vice President and Secretary. While working at the Georgia Tech Library, one of Sirsi’s first customers, Mike met his wife-to-be. They married in 1988.


Through growth and acquisition, Sirsi eventually became the leading library automation firm in the world. In 2006, Sirsi was acquired by a venture capital firm, and Mike retired.


Retirement gave Mike more time to pursue aviation and other hobbies, until 2016 when he decided to start Huntsville STEAM Works.


Huntsville STEAM Works is a non-profit, providing education in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. It was STEAM Works that led to Mike’s work with Kids to Love and KTECH. In 2017, he started teaching there as a Siemens-certified instructor in Level 1 Mechatronics.


Mike has also volunteered with The Community Free Clinic since its start in 1999, and serves on its Board of Directors.


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