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Scotty:  “Ninth grade is pretty awesome. Getting to feel what high school is like and setting up expectations and other goals that I can solve throughout my high school years.”  


Meet 14-year-old Scotty.  Even though he just started high school, this driven freshman is already looking ahead to the future.


Scotty:  “I want to be a computer code programmer and a video game coder. And go to ITT Tech, maybe or some other technical institute.”


Scotty has an undeniable reputation as a studious bookworm, and his interest are diverse.  


Scotty:  “I like to read, write stories; let’s see, what else? I like to work and fix on things. I got my license in HVAC and I’m working on my industrial maintenance license. 


Scotty loves big machines, and bigger ideas.  But he also loves his little brother Brandon.  The tow have been in foster care together for almost five years.  Scotty says staying together to be an effective mentor, is his top priority.


Scotty:  “Me and my brother, we’re the only two we have left. We love each other and even though we sometimes say we hate each other, we still stick together like glue.Technically we are inseparable, but.”


But, the potential for parting ways is a reality in the foster world these boys were thrust into.  That's why need a forever family willing to take on a package deal.


Scotty:  “To be honest, I feel like I won’t be able to work right without my brother because he’s my backbone and I think he probably feels the same way. We might not have that all of our lives.”


Scotty may be young, but through uncertainties, through changes in school and home life - he certainly understands love.


Scotty:  “Love to me is not a word that can be said but it’s an action that needs to be shown. Because if love isn’t shown then that’s really not love, you’re just saying to avoid something. Love is an action word.”



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