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The methamphetamine epidemic is changing the face of foster care. The number of “Meth Orphans” is growing daily because parents are choosing drugs over their children. The Kids to Love Foundation is stepping in to rescue these innocent children through the See Meth Stop Meth tip line.

The See Meth Stop Meth tip line works through a website and a phone service. It allows the public to anonymously report people who may be making, dealing or using meth.  The Kids to Love Foundation then turns those tips over to district attorneys and/or law enforcement.  The See Meth Stop Meth tip line has resulted in more  than 500 arrests.


Since launching the tip line in 2005, we have received more than 3,000 tips from 44 states. We recently received our first international tip from Australia. More than 2,000 tips report children are living in drug-infested homes.  In those cases, DHR is also notified.


If you suspect someone is making, dealing or using meth, please call the See Meth Stop Meth tip line. If you would like to earmark a donation for See Meth Stop Meth Tipline choose the donation button or email us. 

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