A place to lay my head

I was recently asked in an interview "What's a Good Day at Kids to Love?". A good day for me is when you have a chance to help a child that otherwise would go without. Sacred, one of our scholarship rock stars is getting ready to move to D.C. to start George Washington Law School in August. Sacred is amazing. She has such tenacity and drive, she is one of my favorite people. Sacred, one of four siblings who grew up in foster care, has reached back and taken custody of her younger sister to keep her OUT of foster care. "Tee" will be a senior this fall, and will be moving to DC too. I've had the chance to get to know Sacred pretty well over the last several months. She's been a mentor for one of our KTECH students and Kids to Love is helping her with her transition to DC to start school. I texted her Saturday to see how things were going ahead of the move this week. I had offered to help her with a formal she was needing for an upcoming national event where she is representing her sorority. She said "I think I can manage, it's not really a necessity. However I could use a little help getting Tee a new mattress and box spring. The one she has now is pretty hard. She never really complains about anything. So, when she told me her mattress was uncomfortable I figured it must be bad."

As soon as I got the text I told her I would get to work! God has placed amazing people in my path throughout the years, and I knew just who I had to reach out to... Wayne Koswoski. You know, the retired "Mattress King". Wayne and his wife Kay were foster parents for years. This morning I got a message from Wayne asking if I could meet him at the University Drive store at 10. So at 10, we pulled in with the truck and trailer & delivered it Tee a brand new full size mattress & box springs within the hour. Tee's smile was priceless. Tonight, she's got a new bed & a place to lay her head, and that is an amazing day!