A story of success...

I first met Noel Geiger in 2012 at our Kids to Love annual scholarship lunch. The incoming freshman at UNA grew up in Limestone County.

Over the last four years I’ve watched Noel grow into a successful independent young man.

Now, a senior at UNA, majoring in marketing, I offered Noel and internship for the summer. A chance to build a portfolio prior to his graduation in December.

Noel has done amazing work! He was part of the branding/ rebranding & design of several of our logos and promotional pieces. Projects you will be seeing in the coming weeks and months.

Noel is just a great guy. He maintains a relationship with his biological family and is an amazing uncle to he is nieces and nephews…. an example he didn’t have at their age.

Last Sunday he had the chance to speak at his home church where he was baptized. He was a little taken back when the pastor gave him the entire service to speak. A chance to share his story, talk about kids to love & Davidson Farms. I told him “God gives us tests… to give us testimonies. You will do great, speak from you heart & be prepared.” He sent me his outline Saturday night. Perfect.

God is using Noel, and he’s only just begun. We only get to spend half the summer with him.

He is spending the rest of his summer as a camp counselor in Texas, teaching young people about Jesus.

Noel has such a bright future ahead of him. I’m honored to call him a friend, serve as a mentor, and be one of his loudest cheerleaders!