Jack's $hows Some Love!

A standard size check wasn’t enough to hold the largest charitable donation in Jack’s corporate history. Jack’s presented the Kids to Love Foundation a check as large as the money it represents. The event was the culmination of Jack’s two months long “Show Some Love” campaign which raised $178,684 for Kids to Love.

“It’s more money than we’ve ever raised from a philanthropic effort that we’ve done,” says Christy Gravitt, Brand Manager for Jack’s restaurants. “It just shows how invested our people were.”

Jack’s invited customers in all of its 136 stores across four states to support Kids to Love through monetary donations during the months of June and July. Those summer months are a busy time for Kids to Love, as it provides backpacks filled with school supplies to thousands of foster children. The “Show Some Love” campaign allowed Kids to Love to expand its “More than a Backpack” outreach into Mississippi and Georgia. Kids to Love already serves foster children in Alabama and Tennessee. This year’s campaign served 5,159 students.

“We spoke to a social worker in Mississippi to ask if school supplies were something foster children there needed and you could almost hear her tears of relief over the phone as she said yes,” says Kids to Love Founder and CEO Lee Marshall. “It’s so much more than just a backpack. It has the potential to change a child’s life.”

Expanding into Georgia and Mississippi also assures Jack’s customers in those areas that they are giving money to support foster children in their own communities.

"The fact that Kids to Love brought that in and stretched across Jack's footprint in the 4 states we are in to be able to deliver school supplies to the people, to help with their initiatives with Davidson Farms and all of these things that our store and general managers and our people felt like they're actually contributing and they were truly apart of making those things happen," Gravitt says.

Kids to Love also showed some love to the Jack’s team by dedicating the kitchen at the Kids to Love Center in honor of Jack’s restaurants. A plaque outside the kitchen recognizes Jack’s continued commitment to help Kids to Love meet the needs of foster children.

Jack’s is a long-time partner of Kids to Love. In addition to promotions involving the general public, Jack’s has supported Kids to Love by providing meals to Kids to Love volunteers, as well as students of KTECH, a workforce initiative of Kids to Love.

Kids to Love is a 501(c)3 approved non-profit dedicated to meeting the needs of foster children. Since incorporating in 2004, Kids to Love has impacted more than 200,000 foster children.