The Secret to Success

For years I was treading water toward my purpose. It's a world I was born into and as soon as I realized I would own my past, then it couldn't own me.

In 1998, I started working toward the goal of doing something more to help children in foster care. It wasn’t until 2003 when I was challenged to not only FIND my mission boat, but to have the courage to GET IN THE BOAT!

I have always been rowing toward my goal.

Rowing before I knew which way to paddle.

Rowing before people saw the water.

Rowing before anyone around me saw a boat.

I was rowing.

My boat capsized….

I. Kept. Rowing.

Some days I didn’t want to row.

Some days I rowed at record pace.

But every day I rowed… moving closer to the goal.

All the while…trusting the course God had given and the faithfulness of HIS timing for my purpose.

Along the way the achievements have been monumental, the relationships have been life changing and the education eyeopening. All increasing our territory….to keep rowing.

If you asked me what makes a person or organization or business a success. It’s the ability to keep rowing. Through the wins...that's easy. It's through the losses that test your character and commitment. Surrounding yourself with people who will pick up the paddle and row on the days you can’t… or cheer you on… on the days you can! I was driving down a street in Knoxville, Tennessee when I saw this sculpture and it took my breath away! If ever art limited life, this would be my sculpture.

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”

What’s your purpose?

Find your passion and start rowing.