Kids to Love Implements TBRI Therapy Model at Davidson Farms

Hope. Heal. Home. These words are more than a motto. They are a lifeline to the girls who live at Davidson Farms.

Children living in foster care suffer the same emotional trauma as soldiers who have served in war zones. In fact, foster kids experience PTSD at almost two times the rate of returning veterans. It manifests as nightmares, outbursts and a fight-or-flight attitude.

Our girls have survived trauma no one should endure. We embrace them with compassion and connection, employing the highest standards of care through Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) therapy. TBRI is revolutionary in the way it helps our girls move beyond neglect and abuse. Therapists trained in TBRI are an elite group, and we are proud to have one of the best serving our girls, as well as training others who care for children who come from hard places.

TBRI care is not the only thing that sets Davidson Farms apart from other group homes.

Nestled on 10 acres in Madison County, the house itself embodies peace and beauty.

The property was purchased thanks to a generous gift from Dr. Dorothy Davidson and is named in her honor. Dr. Davidson in turn named the house after Lee Marshall to celebrate Lee’s commitment to foster children.

Davidson Farms received its licensure from the State of Alabama in August 2017. While we are licensed by the state, we do not accept state or federal funding. Private donations allow us to meet the girls’ needs exactly when they need them.

The Farm is home to girls ages 10-19. A team of house mentors provides care, guidance and stability for each girl who joins our family.

You’re invited to join us on this meaningful journey to change lives. A one-time or monthly sponsorship helps us meet the girls’ needs. No donation is too small; a $5 gift or gift card helps us buy milk and fresh produce to feed the girls. And if you can’t give your money, we welcome your prayers.