Lexi Explains Why You Should Become a Davidson Farms Promise Partner

A lot of of people have wondered and asked about the girls who call Davidson Farms home. How many live there and who are they? What do they do for fun? Who takes care of them? What do their rooms look like? This month, as part of our Give-A-Thon campaign, we are giving our partners an exclusive glimpse into life at the farm.

Lexi is one of the seven girls who call the Farm home. As one of the oldest housemates, she hopes to be an example and mentor to the rest of her ‘sisters.’ As a natural leader, Lexi always hopes to inspire — even in the smallest ways.

“I want to show them that just because they’re in the setting that they are in, they don’t have to fall to the statistics that are place on them,” says Lexi.

When you walk into Lexi’s room you will notice her many framed accolades including her KTECH certifications in Mechatronics, soldering, and robotics. You will also be greeted by stuffed animals, photos of friends, modern furniture and posters - the exact same items you would find in your child’s room. Davidson Farms is a home specifically designed to allow our girls to express themselves and realize a sense of ownership.

“Everything is ours and it makes it feel great inside to know that this is yours,” Lexi explained. “You have your own room and your own bed."

As Kids to Love accepts no state, local or federal funding, the girls are able to enjoy weekend and school activities solely through your private donorship. Far beyond room-and-board, your monthly gifts help the girls thrive in a family-centric, trust-based home.

At Davidson Farms we strive daily to defy statistics, disrupt status quo and redefine what most think of when they imagine a group home setting. Your gift and pledge to become a monthly donor and Promise Partner will allow us to continue serving our girls with excellence. Become a Promise Partner today at kidstolove.org and encourage a friend to join the foster care revolution.