The KTECH Experience

Athens, Ala. — At KTECH, we are passionate about spreading the message of the ways our programs can change lives and jumpstart careers. So when the students can’t come to us, we go to them.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment is far too large and heavy to move, but the KTECH team has strategically designed a worthwhile mobile experience no student wants to miss. It begins with an introduction and overview of our programs. Two of our staff and one instructor are available to explain in detail all the ways students can take advantage of KTECH. The next step includes videos of personal testimonies from our graduates. Our crew finishes by engaging prospective students during two types of fun, hands-on simulations.

Our most recent visit was at the Limestone County Career Technical School (LCCTC) in Athens, Ala., where students are introduced and taught hands-on skills in a variety of jobs (i.e. advanced manufacturing, automotive, precision machining).

“Our goal here is to prepare students for after high school,” LCCTC Counselor Julie Mills explained. “Many of the students will go on to college and further their education, but many will go into the workforce.”

The workforce she mentioned is booming with job opportunities, but lacking in employment. The blue collar man is decaying as the generation before us is starting to retire. College has long been at the forefront for parents and teachers, but a shift in mindset is underway.

Mills says KTECH can be really beneficial for her students as they prepare for their

next chapter.

“Programs like KTECH that come in and show students how they can get these certifications to enhance their employability skills and give them a leg up on how to get a job - a good job - with the local companies means everything.”

On April 10, state and local officials announced Athens would become home to the Toyota Boshuko, an auto-part factory and future supplier to the Mazda-Toyota plant in Huntsville, Ala. With a growing manufacturing economy, it’s imperative these companies are able to fill these positions or they will leave.

Unlike your traditional 4 year college degree, KTECH can get students into the field in three to 16 weeks depending on the certification. Our program offers credentials in Mechatronics in 16 weeks or 6 months, robotics in 4 weeks and soldering in 3 weeks. Mechatronics is the blending of mechanical and electronics systems, a trait most industries seek in employees. At the end of 16-week course, our students review and study for the SIEMENS Certification in which KTECH has had a 93% completion rate.

Not only do we invest in our students academically, we help develop strong-minded and able bodied individuals through Life Labs. This weekly program focuses on preparing our scholars for the real world through a series of lessons in the following categories: character, integrity, wisdom and knowledge. Each subject is taught by volunteers or business partners with rich experience.

The KTECH Staff actively works to establish and build relationships with manufacturing companies in the area. As graduation nears, students and staff explore all options and narrow the possibilities of potential employment. It’s a process we carefully and strategically manage to ensure both the student and employer are satisfied. Or, our students are able to continue their education by pursuing a degree with one of four colleges we’ve established articulation agreements with.

Our program is a workforce initiative of Kids to Love, whose mission is finding forever families for foster kids. However at KTECH, we recruit students from all areas, not just children aging out of foster care. Our list of students have included veterans and college graduates. Even the age demographic ranges differently (18 to 42 years old). While we strive to help those in the lower income bracket, one essential requirement is a prospective students must have a high school diploma or GED.

If you or your company, school or group is interested in KTECH, visit, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.