Lee Marshall Named Nonprofit Executive of the Year

Kids to Love Founder & CEO, Lee Marshall, graciously accepted the award for Nonprofit Executive of the Year Tuesday night amid a VBC North Hall packed with peers who lead and serve with faith. Grounds for Hope, an initiative of the Trideum Foundation, was established to honor individuals, organizations and corporations that are living out their faith and making a real difference in our community. In addition to honoring a large number of individuals and organizations, a few specific awards were given to selected honorees in multiple categories. A few examples of awards are the Volunteer of the Year, Outreach Program of the Year, Corporate Partner of the Year, Nonprofit Organization of the Year, Lifetime Service Award, and Nonprofit Executive of the Year. Kids to Love was honored to be named as a finalist for Nonprofit of the Year.

"This award was earned by our entire Kids to Love team," Marshall explained in a candid post following the awards ceremony. "All the hard work over the last 15 years that me, my family and my team have put in. Countless sleepless nights. Building relationships with donors who see the value in not only why we serve our kids but how we serve our kids. The years we would go to award banquets and never be a finalist. The hundreds of grants we’ve won and the thousands we’ve lost. Nonprofit work is hard work. It’s a tough business model. We are held to a higher standard and should be! Our team hustles everyday to raise the money and awareness we need to serve our kids without hesitation. We also do this to be good stewards of what our donors trust us with. We run debt free, no state or federal funding. We own 3 properties. Our overhead is less that 8 percent. In 15 years we’ve served more than 250,000 children living in foster care."