Kids to Love Fills Record Number of Wish Lists

Our 2019 Christmas for the Kids campaign filled a record number of wish lists: 1,732!

Many kids asked for traditional gifts such as bicycles, dolls and new clothes, and we received those donations by the truck-load! But our kids sometimes have very specific requests that connect them to hobbies and even potential employment. (Two years ago, a young lady asked for, and received, a welding helmet.) One teenage boy this year asked for a blanket for a horse. Upon inquiry to his social worker, we learned this young man spends a lot of time with horses. Experience has taught us the therapeutic benefits of animals, especially for youth who have experienced trauma, so his wish became priority.

We share stories such as this so you can see the difference a donation makes. Whether it's a basketball or a makeup set or a $20 bill that we can spend as we see a need, donations matter. It is our intention to give each child what they wish for, and we could not do it without our very generous community.

So, thank you to everyone who volunteered time, sponsored a list, gave a donation or organized a toy drive. The need has practically doubled since "Christmas for the Kids" began 15 years ago, but we never doubt we can meet the need because of your giving spirit.

If you want to be involved in our 2020 Christmas for the Kids drive, make these notes: Wish lists are available for sponsorship beginning November 1st and volunteer opportunities begin mid-November.