So, You Want to Start a Nonprofit?

So, you want to start a nonprofit? I get many offers to meet over lunch or grab coffee to pick my brain about how to start and maintain a unique, impactful organization. So I thought I would give you my Top 10 To-Do list as a guideline for those interested in starting a nonprofit:

10.) Research

Is there someone already doing what you want to do? Don’t duplicate services. Join forces!

9.) Find Capable Accountants

Accountability and financial transparency are paramount in the fundraising & nonprofit worlds.

8.) Befriend Experienced Attorneys

You’re going to need to cultivate relationships and build trust with professionals who know the law.

7.) Craft & Set Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is the compass and blueprint of your scope and service.

6.) Build a Working Board

This will be harder than it sounds. You must constantly work to keep your board tangibly engaged and relevant.

5.) Know Your Lane

Fully commit to what you do and who you serve.

4.) Prepare to Work Long Hours

Expect midnight calls and impromptu action.

3.) Expect to Wear Many Hats

‘Other duties as assigned/required.’

2.) Anticipate the Doubters

Not everyone will believe in and see the potential of your service vision — and that’s okay.

1.) Have Heart

With all the hard stuff said, finding your passion and doing work that matters is one of the most rewarding things in life.

If you care, you’ve already taken the first step!

Good luck,