Kids to Love licenses its first foster family

The Kids to Love Foundation licensed its first foster family this week, continuing the foundation’s goal of giving children the love and attention they deserve on every step of their journey through foster care.

As the first family licensed through Kids to Love, they also agreed to take in brothers, ages 3 and 6. That’s important because 70 percent of children in foster care also have a sibling in care, but often they are separated.

Like many coming into foster care, the family’s children came to them with very little. But Kids to Love was able to respond immediately to their needs. Through the foundation’s Emergency Assistance program, they will get new shoes, clothes, toys, and other comfort items to make their transition to foster care easier.

That assistance is just another advantage Kids to Love has when it comes to giving foster children the support they need.

“Now that we’re licensing foster families, we truly are there every step of the way and able to wrap our arms around these children and give them loving, nurturing and safe homes,” Founder and CEO Lee Marshall said. “We are literally there for them from the beginning.”

The need for foster homes is great. There are almost 6,000 children in foster care in the state of Alabama, and there are just under 2,300 foster homes. Kids to Love has several other families currently going through the licensing process to ultimately provide more homes for foster children.

“These families feel the Lord has called them to serve children in this way and they have the means and the space to open up their homes,” said Tracy Miller, Kids to Love’s case manager and home study lead. “They’re chomping at the bit and ready to share their homes.”

Kids to Love became a licensed child placement agency in June 2021. The foundation held its first training in the fall for Trauma Informed Partnering for Safety (TIPS), a class that teaches potential adoptive and foster families what to expect and how to act and react to the needs of children who are coming into a new home.

Anyone interested in learning more about how to become a foster family can visit the Child Placement Agency section, found in the Programs section on

In addition to child placement and Emergency Assistance, Kids to Love operates a number of other programs to support foster families and children. Since 2004, the Kids to Love Foundation has reached more than 290,000 foster children.

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