When They Leave…

It’s tears of joy this week at Davidson Farms. One of our girls is leaving….with the goal of adoption.

She’s part of our family, and has been for more than two years.

When she came she was broken, like so many. Walking through our doors at Davidson Farms brings a sense of safety, security and welcome. She, like many, was hesitant at first. While she was new at our home, she wasn’t new to moving homes. She’s grown up in foster care. First in another state, through the system to find a family who adopted her. Until they quit on her at 15. Just. Quit.

She had a lot of healing to do. Our team wrapped our arms around her and just held on. In her time.. she started letting us in. Started healing. Started smiling. Started trusting… then she wouldn’t.. then she would. I mean who could blame her? In her shoes, I would be the same way.

The last three years at Davidson Farms have been such an amazing season of healing and restoration for our girls. We have several that will be leaving the farm to be adopted.

That doesn’t happen.

They are teenagers.

That doesn’t happen.

But GOD!

The healer and restorer. Making broken beautiful.

It’s not easy. It’s trench work. Messy. Ugly. Hard and heartbreaking. Many times its war - against the past, against the present, against the future.

But then…. One day she says “Mrs. Lee, I want you to find me a family.” A huge step in the healing process. I said, “Ok. I’ll do my best.” Our team gets to work and we turn it over to God.

In less than 3 months… there is a family. They feel called to adopt a teenager. They “picked” her!

“How will I know when this is right?”

“Oh, you’ll know!”

“I thought I knew last time.”


How could they have quit on her?

How can we reassure her this one won’t fall through like the last family?

Why don’t you meet them?

I tell people we get to be part of miracles everyday.

To be there, when you see God’s hand in healing and restoring. To give our girls the desires of their broken hearts.

To see the joy restored.

The hope renewed.

To see them smile again.

So many moving pieces behind the scenes. So many phone calls, miles driven, worries heard and prayers prayed. “But what if it doesn’t work out?”

We assure her that she is in control.

Her call.

Her time.

She always has a place with us.

After day visits and weekend visits…. She spends fall break with the family.

I get a picture of her new dog. She’s named her Finley.

On the way back to the farm Sunday night…. So many questions. About school, options… it’s her senior year. She’s worked hard and can graduate early. Every question so insightful. So wise for her age.

All those phone calls. Working with amazing school administrators who are so excited to be a part of something bigger than any of us. Mountains. Moving.

And that brings us to the boxes in the hall. Cause she’s moving. To an amazing family who loves her for who she is. So many boxes, so many more than she brought with her in September of 2019. Leaving better than when we began.

“Beginnings are scary, endings are sad, but it’s in the middle that counts the most… Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning Just give Hope a chance to float up.

And it will…”

I love you sweet girl. I’m so honored God brought you into our lives. I’m so thankful our team served you well. I love how God has restored you. YOU are our WHY. Now go do big things!