Skye is 18-years-old, and in the 12th grade.  English is her favorite subject. She loves to read and write, and wants to make a career out of it someday.  Skye’s dream is to become a travel journalist. She says she’s tired of staying in one place.  Reading is a stress-relief for Skye. She says it allows her to escape when she’s overwhelmed. Skye’s dream family would include pets and adoptive parents who like to travel.  Her favorite food is pasta, and she enjoys baseball.  Skye holds a job at Taco Bell, and says having that job makes her proud of herself.  Skye has been accepted to 3 colleges. She is going to prom. She enjoys being a leader with the ILP ambassadors. She is in FCCLA and participates in community service, including giving blood.



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